Today it is our duty to respect and love our elders

Every time we cross the street or around, we often meet old people. There are times when we say hello or we don’t even notice or we don’t notice and pass by. However, it doesn’t even occur to us that they need that hello, warm word and our slightest attention can give them life.
Gwendolen Parkins was an 84-year-old woman who was single and living under the care of a nurse. She was once a very lively and cheerful woman. He has always loved life and still loves it now, but not being able to walk, he watches the passer-by from the balcony all day long. His tea time is 5 pm. The nurse always takes the grandmother inside at that time, but the grandmother does not like it and always asks to stay on the balcony, because it was her favorite moment.

Dory, Gwendolen’s nanny, insisted that it was already cold and dark, but that did not convince the woman. He wanted to stay more on the balcony and breathe fresh air. And the nanny always insisted on what the doctor said. Gwen was waiting and talking to herself, she was looking for someone young to talk to, but there was no one. Nanny, in turn, was heartbroken to hear Gwen say something like that, because she was young. Gwin explained his point by saying that he has been an educator for 50 years. He misses his student.
After the evening passed, the next morning Gwynn was back on the porch with her laptop and a glass of lemonade. She was eating cookies and enjoying lemonade.
Soon, Gwen noticed schools closing and children leaving school. He looked at them with a smile as if he wanted to greet them. Sometimes it happened that the younger ones greeted him, but the older children passed by and didn’t notice.

Seeing the high school children, he remembered his students with nostalgia. One morning Dorrie found a strange bunch of flowers near the door.
Mrs. Gwen was surprised and wondered who could give her flowers.
In the morning, Gwen notices and calls one of the servants and asks if he gave her the flowers. The boy blushes with embarrassment. He chats a little with the old woman and it turns out that his friends went to a math competition and he was left alone because he was not good at it. Gwen smiles and offers Billy to help him with math. The boy hesitates for a moment, but he likes the idea and practice outside with an old woman. After some time, the result was wonderful. Billy also participates in competitions and shows excellent results.

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Today it is our duty to respect and love our elders
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