Once his mother didn’t love him and now he’s his mother’s favorite son.

Football fans adore Cristiano Ronaldo, who enjoys a great reputation in his country and beyond. Fans are always interested in the life and activities of their favorite football player. Hardly anyone would have thought that this popular and famous football player was unwanted by his parents. His mother decided not to have the child because the family was not in a good situation. Besides Cristiano, she had two daughters. However, everything went differently and the football player was born to leave his name in the world. Who would have imagined that years later the son would become the only supporter and adorer of his mother.

Cristiano is a very purposeful and intelligent person. Many people talk about his purposefulness and on one occasion one of his teammates mentioned that Cristiano is ready for anything for the sake of victory, because he does not like defeat. He has always fought and continues to fight to achieve his goals. His motto seems to always be forward to victory. Once Richie De defeated Cristiano in table tennis and realized that he will not rest until he learns to master table tennis better. His fans will probably know that this talented footballer did not reach his goal so easily, it is the result of many victories through which He earned his current wealth. He scored 800 goals thanks to his willpower and self-confidence. He is a very prudent and resilient young man, whom many try to imitate

Constantly supporting the family, he took care of all the expenses of the family. Cristiano didn’t have a father and never felt the strength and encouragement of his father. He always talks about his father longingly. After some time, suddenly the mother started not feeling well. It turned out that she needed a lot of care. Hearing the news, Cristiano rushed to take care of his mother, leaving aside all his work.

As soon as the mother starts to feel better, the son takes her to live with him, his wife and their 5 children. The mother feels happy and relaxed in her son’s house. Besides, she takes care of the children. Cristiano’s mother was a wonderful mother to her son and the thought she once had seems unacceptable to her now. Sometimes she thinks how she could have thought of such a thing, how she could not have her caring and beloved Cristiano.

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Once his mother didn’t love him and now he’s his mother’s favorite son.
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