The couple bought the old building for a pittance and turned it into a beautiful home

Sometimes we create miracles with our thinking. A similar miracle was created by Rachel Roberts, who at the age of 26 decided to try to transform the old police building, giving it a comfortable house and giving it a spirit. The resident of West Yorkshire took into account and coped with all the nuances of renovation.

The two-story building, which the girl turned into a house, was once a police station, and is located in the small village of Siset. The population here is very small and that did not change the girl’s mind. The house was empty for years. The girl bought it for about 180 thousand pounds. : It was built in 1853 and was closed in 1969 due to the transfer of the police to another area. When the girl entered the room for the first time, she noticed cells and a lot of mold.

At first, she cleaned the area from garbage, then started to work on it with her friend Mike. They designed quite a nice interior keeping the aesthetic look. They left beams and wood layer on the ceiling. This solution of hers gave a simply wonderful look to the forgotten building. She transformed all the details, bringing the building to life. Soon, many media came to photograph her house. Pictures of the house appeared everywhere. The girl was greatly rewarded for her flexible mind and work. An artist and other specialists were needed, but the girl did it on her own and won awards.


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The couple bought the old building for a pittance and turned it into a beautiful home
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