This brother and sister who lost each other met each other after 18 years and got to know each other

A mother’s heart is ready for anything for the sake of the child. The health and well-being of the child are the highest goals of mothers. Every mother strives to see her child successful, happy and carefree. Here is a mother who struggle for the life and health of her 6-year-old son. Rachel, who was sitting on the subway platform waiting for the train to arrive, suddenly heard her son’s request to give him bread. The mother, diverting her attention to her son, did not notice how the train left and did not manage to get on the train, instead she put an empty glass in front of her, holding her son and started singing a familiar song. She resorted to that step because she no longer had money to buy bread for his son. Hearing her soft voice, people turned their attention to the woman for a moment, others didn’t even pay attention, there were also people who looked for a coin in their wallet to put in a cup.

There were people who thought the song was familiar. The woman was whispering
“God, please help me through this. Even if everyone from these people put at least one coin, I would have enough to buy bread and medicine for my son”. A few minutes later, Rachel heard coins drop into her cup. She did not smile and raised her eyes to thank the passerby for listening to her. A few minutes later, the sound of coins falling into the glass was heard.
But the woman did not stop singing, on the contrary, she sang more heartily. Soon the wagon arrived again and the people left. Reacher stopped singing for a moment to check his son’s condition. The two of them had no home and were sleeping on cardboard scavenged from a dump near the bus station. The other train also arrived and got off a rich young man about 27 years old. He was praised by Reacher’s song. It turned out that he was 27-year-old Jeffrey, who was familiar with the song.

The boy approached and tried to understand how that woman knew the words of the song that only his mother and sister knew. What the young man found out was really very exciting. That woman was the young man’s sister he lost years ago. They had not seen each other for a long time, more than 18 years. Joy and excitement overwhelmed both of them. He hugged his sister and cousin and took them to his home. He was rich enough to take care of his sister.

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This brother and sister who lost each other met each other after 18 years and got to know each other
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