This happy couple has been together for so many years that it has become a record holder

To be happy means to be together all the time, to take care of your loved one, to respect and to take their opinion into account. By connecting the path of life with someone, you understand that he will be your partner for the rest of your life and that he has the right and responsibility to make you happy. Having lived together for many years, the couples get used to each other more and more, they bond more and more, and even at the threshold of old age, they take care of each other.

The happiest person in life is the one who celebrates all his anniversaries with his beloved, under his congratulations and best wishes. We often hear about long-lived people, but they are mostly lonely old people. And when a married couple grows old together up to 100 years old and even older, it looks surprising and funny at the same time. How can we not smile and laugh at the fact of a long-lived couple who continue to love and care for each other in old age? Here is one such exceptional couple who married at the age of 17 and stayed together until the age of 103 and even celebrated their 86th wedding anniversary. They are America’s oldest loving couple. Ralph and Dorothy Kohler are one year older and younger than each other. The husband is 104 years old, the wife is 103. They have lived in Nebraska since 1935, when they were married. There has never been any occasion for the spouses not to understand each other. Their marriage was based on love and loyalty. And a family with such a foundation is stronger than an oak tree.

Because of their mutual trust and love for each other, their marriage was long and happy. Their days were full of love and affection. They warmed each day with their love and did not think about separating from each other. They were born for each other, that’s why God did not separate their eternal love. Each couple should beautify their day and create a harmonious atmosphere. The most important thing in a family is trust and understanding each other. The key to the strength of the family is the endless love of the spouses. In such families, there will be harmony and unity, and the couples will live until old age, surrounded by love and warmth.

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This happy couple has been together for so many years that it has become a record holder
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