This house is so specially built that you feel like you are in the lap of nature

People always strive to meet their living requirements. Everyone strives to have the most beautiful and comfortable house possible. Here is a couple who have been looking for a house for a long time. They were both students of architecture university. After getting married, they couldn’t find a house that fit their finances and decided to make their own house by themselves.

First of all, they bought the yurt and placed it in the right place, and left the base high to protect it from the rain. It was on a hill. When the idea was there, the place was decided and the interior decoration was installed. The second step was the decoration little by little. The kitchen was in the middle. The living room was nicely furnished and there was also an office next to the living room. The bedroom was quite large and comfortable. The furniture was modern and beautiful. There were many works of art on the walls. There was even a clever place for plants. In the beginning, the idea was very funny for everyone, but the final look was very surprising and beautiful. Not everyone can turn ideas into reality.

Despite its small appearance from the outside, it was quite large and comfortable inside. The house had a heating system, water supply and electricity. The couple often rested in their yurt during their free time and enjoyed the reason of their work. The couple was very happy to realize their dream. Their first joint architectural work turned out simply magnificent. Just imagine a yurt built in the middle of the city, which was beautiful and comfortable.Nowadays, it is very relevant to build such a house, especially if you don’t have enough financial resources. Different countries of the world use this option for the construction of many cafes and shops. It is not expensive and is a beautiful creative solution.
It is a very pleasant feeling to be different from others with your creative talent. People always strive to be in a comfortable environment and spend little money and let their mind fly.


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This house is so specially built that you feel like you are in the lap of nature
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