16 pairs danced waltz with very difficulty. Their dance was so good that it got over 10 million views

People learn many new things by traveling. They get to know many other cultures and even use them in their daily life and in their own culture. The use of different features in one’s own culture makes daily life and life more diverse and interesting. When a group of students returned from their trip in 1978, they brought home a lot of news and traditions. The students of the Stanford-Austria program at Stanford University felt very satisfied and fulfilled. They were especially attracted to ballroom dancing. Especially the famous waltz attracted them a lot, and bringing its tradition home, they also tried it.They excitedly began to organize the annual dance of the Associated Students of Stanford University. The guests at Stanford’s Vienna Ball were all dressed in matching and elegant style.They began their mornings with a graceful dance, the waltz. They enjoyed the presence of a live symphony orchestra and spent their day under interesting notes. One of the Australian customs brought by the students was to eat, drink and enjoy the day. During the Parahandts, another strange phenomenon occurred: the roast pork was thrown here and there as a sign of abundance.

The event was attended by more than 1,000 guests and marked the opening ceremony of Stanford’s Vienna Ball. Their performance was unforgettable. As of 2013, the performance had 10.6 million views. That year’s Stanford Vienna Ball commission presented their waltz under Opus 316, or Künstlerleben. It translates as Artists’ Opening Ceremony, the first waltz begins with high spirits, excitement, and delicate notes accompanying the waltz. All the guests were mesmerized. The loud music was touching hearts and people were fascinated watching the fusion of their culture and Australianness. The impressive dance was really perfect, the movements were carefully thought out. The young students danced in a circle in the hall, showing the cultural years and characteristics they brought. A similar performance was performed with great pomp and at a high level. Everyone was eagerly waiting for next year’s VSLS. This time, the young people really charmed with their dance and flexibility, and the committee was really surprised and didn’t know how to express its amusement and admiration at the same time.


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16 pairs danced waltz with very difficulty. Their dance was so good that it got over 10 million views
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