A homeless man proposed to a woman who helped him to marry him

Sometimes love knows no boundaries and even works miracles. TO love means to always see the good in a loved one, turning a blind eye to many things. Such a case happened with a girl who had not husband and fell in love a man who had no home.

Anette found herself in such a situation of life, when the child was left in her arms outside, without livelihood and home. In order to pay off the debts, she decided to go to another city to work as a cashier. Annette started working as a cashier at a gas station, it was not easy, but the salary was enough to make ends meet.
One day, near the gas station, the girl noticed a man who had no home and was spending the night on the street. He began to appear there all the time. Ainet’s boss ordered to remove that man, but the girl did not like it because she felt that the man needed help. The worker personally knew what the need was, but realized that this person deserved more help.

So, Annette decided to pretend that she just did not notice that man. Neva offered to help her separate the garbage, carry the loads.
But at some point the man stopped appearing at the gas station. Annette wondered what could have happened.
After work, Annette went to the bridge and found her acquaintance there. Seeing that she was not feeling well, the girl took her to receive treatment. The treatment required a considerable amount of money, the girl gave all her savings. Annette even donated her ex-husband’s belongings to the hospital so the man would have something to wear.
After recovery, the man proposed marriage to Annette, who in turn accepted. The surprising and accidental meeting became a beautiful love story.

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A homeless man proposed to a woman who helped him to marry him
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