The girl made her evening dress from scotch tape. He spent approximately 400 hours on it

A beautiful evening dress is perhaps the dream of every girl and woman. In America, there is even a tradition of an evening dress competition for the prom. And this year’s graduate from Illinois outshone them all in appearance. A young American woman named Peyton Manker spent about 400 hours creating her prom dress. The girl was not at all fond of sewing. She created her gorgeous pop-art dress from packaging material, specifically 41 rolls of plain colored tape. He also made a coil of wire 43 meters long.

The weight of this extraordinary garment is 24 kilograms. And the wire frame, on which the tape strips are held, adds another 18 kilograms to the actual mass. However, the dress looks quite light and attractive. It was also distinguished by its unusual appearance. The appearance of unusual accessories and handbags also attracted a lot of attention.

Peyton painted the unusual outfit with her hand, inspired by recent world events. Miss Manker reflected everything in her outfit, from the unusual process of distance learning to the people who worked in even the most irregular situations

The creativity and high quality of this work was appreciated by many. Her work resulted in the mother’s Facebook post about her daughter’s work gaining 148,000 likes. And about 254,000
Users admired the girl’s industriousness. To create a dress, she thought about the idea for a long time, collected materials and implemented her plan for about four months.
Today, many people turn to creativity and find solutions to their everyday issues. There are many such people in the world.

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The girl made her evening dress from scotch tape. He spent approximately 400 hours on it
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