Even Elvis would appreciate the remarkable duet of ‘In the Ghetto.’

Each singing talent show follows its unique format, but a common feature among them is a round where contestants face off directly. In The Voice franchise, this phase is referred to as the battle rounds, wherein two singers share the stage, performing a duet of a single song, and a winner is selected.

What’s remarkable about the Voice battle rounds is that they occasionally yield performances surpassing many individual showcases that initially advanced the singers. Witness a particularly memorable performance that leaves you questioning how the judges could have chosen to eliminate either performer.

This instance hails from The Voice of Germany, showcasing Karina Klüber and Alexander Eder. Alexander had gained recognition in the initial round for his incredibly deep voice during his rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”

In this round, the duo tackles another iconic American song, “In the Ghetto,” originally written by Mac Davis and popularized by Elvis Presley. The song delves into the harsh realities of life in a ghetto, addressing the pervasive cycle of poverty and crime. It serves as a solemn reflection on the challenges faced by people residing in the ghetto, emphasizing how their destiny is often shaped by their surroundings. Over the years, the song has evolved into an anthem for those enduring poverty and has been covered by numerous artists.

This rendition is so extraordinary that it speaks for itself; I won’t add much except to say I believe you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. View the incredible video below, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us through a Facebook comment!

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Even Elvis would appreciate the remarkable duet of ‘In the Ghetto.’
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