Be prepared to cheer as these girls dance to a familiar Irish children’s song!

Experience an uplifting and inspiring Irish dance video that will leave you cheering for more, as if you were part of the live audience.

In this video, you’ll witness two sets of dancers from Rhythmic Feet, an Irish dance team based in Cork, Ireland, originating from the Mary McCarthy School of Irish Dancing. Comprising pre-teens and teenagers, these girls have traveled extensively throughout Europe, showcasing their talents at various events and even on cruise ships that dock at Cork.

The school caters to dancers at both competitive and non-competitive levels, ranging from beginners to those aspiring to reach the world championship level.

In this video, the dancers perform to the delightful Irish tune “Tell Me Ma” by Sham Rock. Derived from the traditional Irish/English song “I’ll Tell Me Ma” (also known as “The Wind”), this song is typically sung by a group of children forming a ring and joining hands.

During this game, one child stands in the center and, upon inquiry, provides the initials of someone within the ring. The group then sings the song, and the individual with the matching initials steps into the center.

However, the true brilliance of this video lies not in the song but in the captivating dance performance! View the complete video below and share your thoughts with us on Facebook by leaving a comment!

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Be prepared to cheer as these girls dance to a familiar Irish children’s song!
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