The 6-month-old child went water skiing and set a record. The little one surprised everyone.

In Carolina, a semiannual baby went skiing, setting a new record as the youngest skier. While 6-month-old babies are just trying to sit up or stand on their feet, he is already breaking world records by water skiing on lake.

The baby was born eight weeks premature and at first his parents were not sure if he would be able to water ski at such a young age.

But when he began to stand up on his own and stand at the support, they realized that he could also ski.

First, they tried to do it in the living room, then in the yard, and only then they lowered the baby into the water.

Photos and videos that captured this amazing moment appeared on social networks thanks to the parents of the baby.

It shows Rich holding on tightly to a metal rod. In the form of a pen and boldly standing on his feet while his father rides a boat next to him, periodically encouraging the child.

The video became popular and attracted the attention of not only the organizers of the world record (Rich broke the previous record by 23 days), but also moms from all over the world.

Previously, the title of the youngest water skier was held by Zayla St. Onga, who skied on Silver Lake in Florida at the age of 6 months and 27 days.

The parents of little Rich Casy and Mindy are lovers of outdoor activities and tourism themselves, so they decided to teach their son to unusual family leisure from an early age.

Together with Rich, they already went kayaking, surfing, boating, hiking and nightly gatherings around the campfire.

In a word, in his six months, the baby experienced more than some adults in their entire lives.

The kid in the video does not look scared, on the contrary, he is skiing with a smile on his face and it is clear that he is having a lot of fun.


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The 6-month-old child went water skiing and set a record. The little one surprised everyone.
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