“At 83, I found my dream job”: How Europe’s oldest DJ, Virginia Schmidt, lives

In the world of electronic music there are always stories that inspire us and prove that it is never too late to discover your passion. One such inspiring story is that of Virginia Schmidt, Europe’s oldest female DJ, who found her profession at the age of 83.

Virginia Schmidt, born in Munich, Germany in 1938, led a fulfilling life as a mother, grandmother and retiree. She enjoyed the peace and serenity of her retirement, but life still had a few surprises in store for her. At the age of 83, when most people have already retired, she discovered her love for electronic music and began her journey as a DJ.

Her passion for music was always there, but she never had the opportunity to live it out. But then one day, while she was at the local club, feeling the pulsating beats of electronic music, she felt an unexpected energy rise within her. She spontaneously decided that she not only wanted to hear this music, but also wanted to share it.

At 83 years old, Virginia took the step that most people her age would never consider. She began to delve into the world of DJing. She attended workshops, learned the basics of mixing, and spent hours familiarizing herself with modern DJ technology. Her family and friends fully supported her and admired her determination and courage.

Virginia Schmidt, now calling herself “DJ Virginia,” made her first appearance at the local club, where she captivated an audience of all ages. Her choice of music and enthusiasm quickly made her a popular DJ. What sets her apart from other DJs is not only her age, but also her unique mix of music. She mixes electronic music with classical elements, creating a completely new sound that appeals to people of all ages.

Her DJ career has evolved since then. She was invited to festivals and events across Europe, where she wowed audiences with her energy and charm. Virginia Schmidt proves that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and passions. Her success is an inspiring example of how life can still hold many surprises in old age.

Virginia herself says: “I may have started late, but I never stopped dreaming. Music has no age limits, and I hope my story encourages other people to pursue their passions, no matter what age they are.”

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“At 83, I found my dream job”: How Europe’s oldest DJ, Virginia Schmidt, lives
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