33-year-old young mother of 10 children abandoned by her husband. How they live at the moment

The mother of many children Alexander Fedorov gave birth to her first child when she was only 16 years old. Of course, this age is too early to have a child, but according to her, she has absolutely no regrets. After the birth of her first child, she did not even know that she would come to labor almost every year. At this point she is 33 years old. But at such a young age she already has 10 beautiful children, and who knows, maybe she plans to give birth to more?

Alexandra had two marriages. During her first marriage, she had already become a mother of many children. She was very happy, but unfortunately, after a while her husband realized that he could no longer handle all this burden and decided to leave. He went and left Alexandra alone with several children in her arms. The hardest part was that one of the children was born with a feature. The young mother did not know what to do next and how to provide for children alone.

After some time at the station, she meets one man. This man was working as a security guard at the station at that time. They immediately developed sympathy and they began to communicate. After communicating, they decided that they wanted to get married, and soon they got married. The guy’s name is Sergey, he was not even a bit confused by the fact that Alexandra was already a mother of many children. He gladly welcomed the children and began to raise them as his own. The children also welcomed him with joy. They are now a close and happy family. Children are still young and need constant care. Alexandra dreamed of becoming a doctor all her life and says that she will fulfill her dream when her children grow up.

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33-year-old young mother of 10 children abandoned by her husband. How they live at the moment
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