‘Active life’: 109-year-old man reveals his secret to longevity

Despite his age, Vincent Dransfield can still drive around town in his Hyundai to run errands and grab lunch. Many would think that the centennial needs help to get along in the city, but the retired firefighter is as independent as ever and frequently drives from the ground floor of his house to his first floor bedroom and basement without complaining of body aches, as his family reports.

According to Vince, the secret to a long and healthy life is to stay optimistic, drink a glass of milk every day and move his body constantly to keep him feeling “perfect”. He recently celebrated his 109th birthday. Birthday with pizza and carrot cake and told how he managed to not get any serious illnesses like cancer or heart disease during his long life.

Vince, who is 28th Born March 1914, said the key to a long life is spending time with what you love. For the 109-year-old, this meant joining the local volunteer fire department. Vince, who has one child, three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, has been a member of the fire department for more than 80 years and even served as a chief for a while.

He said he enjoyed working in the fire department because he had “made so many friends”. His 48-year-old granddaughter, Erica Lista, revealed that Vince maintained membership in a Team after the death of his wife, who was 54 years old. After my grandmother died, this is what kept him going. Every day he went to the fire station from 3 to 5 and all the old men sat there and stood together. It was like his family,” she said.

Erica said her grandfather quickly became a regular at the fire department and became part of the “three-for-five club.” Volunteering with the fire department also helped Vince stay fit throughout his life, which he believes played a big role in staying healthy. While he never calmed weights or worked out in a gym, Vince always made sure his body kept moving. “I was 21 years old when I joined the fire department, and that was the exercise I had every day — at the Little Falls fire alarms,” he said.

I was active for 40 years and ran out when the alarm went off. “Then I went on for the next 40 years, if it was up to me,” he says. Erica often jokes that structured movement amuses her grandfather, as he often laughs at those who jog. Vince worked 60 years of his life – most of it as an auto parts manager – before retiring in late 70s and realizing he still wanted to work, but his wife pushed him to take a break.

Not only does Vince do something he loves every day, he also drinks a glass of milk to strengthen his bones. The drink has been a part of Vince’s life for 94 years. He dropped out of school right after eighth grade and worked in a dairy at age 15 to support his family. Vince delivered milk for five years and often indulged in a cold glass.

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‘Active life’: 109-year-old man reveals his secret to longevity
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