At the age of 4, she conquered the world with her beauty. How a famous Nigerian woman looks like now

Mofe Bamuyiwa is an ordinary wedding photographer who lives in the Nigerian port city of Lagos rightfully considers this baby girl to be her go-to. 4-year-old Jar’s portrait collected 70,000 likes in a week, and this was just the beginning of popularity. The girl was called “angel”, “doll”, “chic beauty”. “God, she’s too good for this world! ” – wrote one of the enthusiastic users.

Inspired by the internet reaction, the girl’s mom created her Instagram blog, which started with 6,000 followers and one single photo. Then came a new series of images of the same photographer. Jar has two older sisters, Job and Jamilojo, who also appear in the posts. Their names gave the name of the page and channel on Youtube.

Yahoo Lifestyle soon awarded the girl the title of “the most beautiful child in the world”. Among the highlights of the girl’s life are participating in London Fashion Week and a trip to a major charity event in Ghana.

Mofe said that no one taught Jar Azam modeling, but she is gifted with natural artistry and developed not by years. A special style of photographs was chosen, which emphasized the characteristic appearance of Jar. The girl was asked to imagine that she was an adult, and the result was very expressive pictures. The photographer also notes that makeup is used during some photo sessions and therefore models look older than their age.

Now 7-year-old Jar continues to act. The web has a lot of studio photos and videos that continue to delight subscribers. The blog can also see everyday pictures of the girl. Mom is trying not to “get star disease” and attend school properly. Jar is a very active child, but in one of the interviews, she stated that she wants to study science.

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