‘Sweet life’: 100-year-old woman reveals how sweets made her life longer

Shirley Goodman has openly shared her best tips on how to live well in old age. This includes daily yoga, tush push line dance and chocolate after each meal. Shirley said, “I feel great – 100 is just a number to me.” The great-grandmother has revealed her secrets to a long life – and the first is to stay physically active.

Shirley herself does yoga with daughter Joan every morning via FaceTime. But dancing is by far her greatest passion. Shirley, who has a huge fan base on social media and is known there as “The Dancing Nana”, was taught to dance by her father at the age of eight. Shirley devoted much of her life to dancing and at age 17, she opened her own dance school teaching ballet and ballroom dancing.

Although she decided to quit school after marriage, she continued to pursue her passion in her spare time. In 2019, at age 96, she became a celebrity after performing the Tush Push – a variation of the country line dance to blues music – at her nephew’s wedding. Shirley said: “I would advise people, if they like music at all, to keep it in their lives and not just sit in the rocking chair at home.”

The social media star said the second key to longevity is to remain unbreakable despite life’s setbacks. Shirley, who suffers from heart condition, has had two open heart surgeries and is currently in for a pacifier and a stent. And even though she struggles with sight and hearing problems, she continues to have a positive attitude. My legs are still working. I am an optimist. I try to stay positive, always. This is very important,” she said.

I have a bracelet that says “positivity” I wear it everyday and try to stay positive. Another important tip for 100-year-olds is to eat what you like instead of worrying about nutrition recommendations. Shirley said she prefers to eat “anything cooked in batter”, e.g. B. Shrimp but she also has a sweet tooth. She makes sure she eats at least a piece of chocolate after each meal, including a chocolate cookie for breakfast, the publication said.

However, she stressed that she had never smoked and didn’t drink alcohol as she didn’t like the taste. Her final advice is to surround yourself with kind people. Shirley, whose husband was a pilot during World War II, has four children, 10 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Lastly, she praised her “wonderful, devoted family”.

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‘Sweet life’: 100-year-old woman reveals how sweets made her life longer
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