‘Together forever’: Why doctors can’t separate Siamese twins who share legs anymore

Chelsea Torres gave birth to her twin daughters Callie and Carter with her partner Nick in 2017 — and doctors said they probably wouldn’t live long. Although Chelsea’s doctors warned that their daughters might not survive the first few weeks of their lives, Callie and Carter are still thriving six years later and have recently reached an important milestone – entering kindergarten.

Girls each have their own heart and stomach, but they share a liver, intestinal tract and bladder. Each of them can control one leg and two arms. Callie and Carter’s anatomy is like two waves crashing into each other,” her mom explains. Their upper part is themselves, they have two separate stomachs, and where everything starts to fall apart is in the intestine, that’s where they share their lower half.

According to Chelsea, her daughters are just like any other little girl – and each of them has their own personality and preferences and dislikes. “I just want people to know that they’re two very normal kids,” she said. You find yourself in an unusual situation, but just treat them normally. They want to be treated like any other child because they are. They go to school, they go to physical therapy, they do normal things, they ride bikes.

Chelsea stated that Callie is “very girly” whereas Carter is the opposite. And like all siblings, they sometimes get tired of each other. We try to give them their own time, even if they are glued to each other so to speak,” she revealed, adding that they put on headphones and let them watch TV on their tablets when they say they need time for themselves.

Even though Callie and Carter are two individuals together, don’t forget that they are individual children. The girls are now completely healthy and using a wheelchair to move around. Currently in physiotherapy, they are learning to walk by coordinating their movements. Chelsea say the hardest thing is finding clothes that match their unusual situation.

She has to make them stuff to dress by cutting two pieces of clothes and sewing them together. She also had to have a custom car seat made by a Salt Lake City children’s hospital, which the two recently outgrown. Now she has to wait till September to get a new one.

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‘Together forever’: Why doctors can’t separate Siamese twins who share legs anymore
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