Poor dog was abandoned and tied to a trash can

Meet Scooter, a dog who was abandoned at a gas station. You will be surprised to know that he was tied to a trash can. Near it lay a note that said that its owner was in prison and he needed help.

A young couple noticed this dog and decided to immediately release it. As it turned out later, the dog’s owner asked his friends to take care of him, but they abandoned him. The dog was completely alone and needed help. They took several pictures that were spread all over the Internet and went viral.

Paula Langford, who is the founder of one of the animal shelters, noticed these pictures. She realized that the dog needed her help. When she met him at a gas station, she realized that he was a very kind and friendly dog. And after the dog was sent to the shelter, they contacted the dog’s mother. The woman did not know about this whole story and when she found out that the dog was alone, she immediately rushed after him.

Their reunion was very touching, because the dog had not seen its owner for a long time. All the shelter staff were very happy that the dog was reunited with his mother. It’s very good that this story had a good ending, because everything could have turned out differently.

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Poor dog was abandoned and tied to a trash can
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