Sincere gratitude: Each year, the hummingbird returns to the person who saved it

“For some reason, animals are drawn to me,” says Michael Cardenas from the US state of Georgia. – I’ve already rescued squirrels, foxes, rabbits, deer and so on. But one case turned out to be unique.

Michael is a news officer by profession. But his neighbors call him “Dr. Doolittle,” who understands and treats animals’ language. Usually, Michael releases the animals into the wild after they recover and never sees them again. But Buzz the hummingbird was not the case.

Michael found Buzz outside his house. “He had a wing injury,” Michael said. “Maybe he was hit against a window sill or something else had happened.” He was moving in a circle against the wall. These birds have wings that are almost like plastic, they are see-through. Some of the springs were broken. “That’s why he couldn’t lift,” the man added.

Michael decided to let the bird fly out. He fed the hummingbird sugar syrup and kept him inside. After eight weeks, Buzz had fully recovered. The man set the bird free. “He flew around in the garden and came back. Then he flew away for the winter,” Michael recalls.

Hummingbirds are flying to Central America or Mexico. Michael thought he’d never see Buzz again. But he came back the next spring. He came back four years in a row. The hummingbirds look very similar. But Michael is certain it was Buzz that came to him because occasionally a hummingbird doesn’t just land on his hand.

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Sincere gratitude: Each year, the hummingbird returns to the person who saved it
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