A 72-year-old pensioner married a 52-year-old African man. What’s wrong with wife today?

Monika Tass from Zymikon in Switzerland has long since raised her children and looked after her grandchildren. That’s why she lacked close people around her. She tried to find meaning in her life in other pursuits. She was busy knitting, but it didn’t help her feel better.

The woman’s friends said that Monica spent a lot of time on the Internet. She could spend all day on various dating sites and Facebook.

– Every time I visited her, Monica couldn’t keep her hands off her laptop. She was constantly talking to someone. I’ve always treated dating sites with great caution because everyone on TV says how many scammers there are. – said one of Ms. Tass’s friends.

With a future spouse the woman met on Facebook. A man commented very nicely on her photo. Ms. Tass responded immediately and began corresponding with him

“I don’t care about crooks because I have nothing to steal. I live in an ordinary small apartment from pension to pension, not counting the help of my children. So I had nothing to lose”.

They communicated over the Internet for a year, and then the woman asked Jack to visit her. He didn’t mind. Love bought tickets both ways. By the way, the man was 13 years younger than her and was 59 years old at the time.

We forgot to say that the woman has two adult sons and two adult daughters.Monika Tass with her husband.Source: jemchyjinka.net

Monica has been retired since 1997. However, recently she decided to try her hand at being a cosmetics retailer. Monica encourages other women to live a healthy lifestyle and tells them how to stay attractive at any age.

“It wasn’t until I was 70 that I started to really live my life. I have a loved one in my life and a job that makes me feel good. All the doctors tell me that I’m healthy and have many more years to come I’ll live until I’m 100, so I still have a lot of time.

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