A woman who was only 71 cm tall was able to become a mother and gave birth to three children

People with a very short stature, which is below the medical norm, are usually unable to lead a full life: have children, engage in certain types of work and other activities

But for some of them there is no obstacle stopping them.
Stacy Herald was born with a rare genetic disorder that caused her bones to be very brittle and her skeleton unable to develop normally. As a result, her other organs also did not receive enough resources to reach a normal size.

The woman could only grow to 71 cm tall – not even enough for a child. Nature had robbed her of beauty and health, but she had a lot of stamina and zest for life.

First, Stacy solved the problem of independence: she went to school, and after training she was able to find a job. The woman coped with the duties of a cashier in a supermarket and the management was quite pleased with a smiling and responsible employee.

Because of her good disposition, Stacy easily came into contact with people and even made a romantic acquaintance.

A guy named Will Herald not only noticed the tiny, doll-like woman, but took a good look at her and then fell in love with her, even though he was almost three times her size and 9 years younger.

He began courting “his baby girl” and in 2004 they married. One could only be happy for her, but Stacy decided to raise the bar even higher – she wanted to have a baby.

The doctors didn’t think it was possible, but it was impossible to persuade Stacey.

She became pregnant and almost lost her baby at 28 weeks. To everyone’s surprise, the girl was saved, although her mother’s illness passed on to her.

The second attempt was successful – amidst the wails of the frightened doctors, Stacy gave birth to a perfectly healthy daughter.

Everyone thought that the brave woman would then calm down, but no: now she wanted to give birth to a son.

And she succeeded, but when the tiny mother became pregnant for the third time, everything was completely different: the belly was simply gigantic, the woman felt very bad and could not do anything.

Her husband took over all the care. He took care of the house and the children, but he also looked after his weak wife and helped her “fend off” the doctors who urged her to save her not-so-good health

Stacey had an extensive C-section. The boy was born weak, unable to breathe and also had inherited problems from his mother.

The life of the tiny mother was short – only 44 years, but at the cost of incredible efforts she gave life to three children, made her father happy and herself lived in love and care

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A woman who was only 71 cm tall was able to become a mother and gave birth to three children
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