“I’m not desperate”: His parents abandoned him because of his looks, and at 37 he became a model

Being born with a physical disability is a lifelong psychological trauma for any child. This applies doubly to parents. Not all parents can accept a child with such problems. Jono had to realize this as a child.

However, over time he has learned to live with it, even considering himself beautiful and encouraging others with similar problems to do the same.

Jono Lancaster was born with a different appearance than other children his age. His face is characterized by an underdeveloped jaw, missing cheekbones and ears, which he likes to compare to those of Bart Simpson.

He has Treacher Collins syndrome. It is a rare genetic disorder characterized by head and facial malformations. This rare disease affects around 1 in 50,000 people. After his birth he was abandoned by his parents.

Little Jono was left alone. His parents later justified their decision by saying that they were only just over 20 years old at the time and were not up to such a challenge. But he was soon adopted by a woman named Jean. She became his mother. The adoptive mother is his most loyal ally and helper.

Jean remembers that he was only two weeks old when she took him in. She officially adopted him when he was 5 years old. When she saw him for the first time, she couldn’t help but smile and knew from the first moment that she loved him.

As he grew older, the boy found it easier to accept his disability. When Jono entered high school, he had to deal with people’s prejudices.

Throughout his youth, he harbored resentment against his biological parents. He only came to terms with it at the age of 20. It began a period of growing up in which he became the self-confident person he is today.

Another event that gave him confidence was kissing a girl. He liked her and she liked him. Soon they were married. Jono is happily married and he and his wife travel a lot. He also enjoys helping children who have a similar diagnosis to his.

Today Jono is a role model for everyone who is faced with the same situation as him and gives them confidence. After years of rejection, low self-esteem and dismissive attitudes, he accepts himself as he is.

He may one day forgive his parents, but he is grateful to them for giving him the opportunity to see the world.

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“I’m not desperate”: His parents abandoned him because of his looks, and at 37 he became a model
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