Only 2% chance of survival: Twins who survived major surgery graduate from kindergarten

Born in the United States, twins Abby and Erin Delaney have faced many hardships and defied fate time and time again. Now the girls still have health problems, but they have recently graduated from kindergarten, which pleases their parents. The Mirror reports.

Abby and Erin were born in July 2016 at 30 weeks pregnant and were fused at the head. This is an incredibly rare condition that occurs when an embryo only partially separates in the early stages of development. Their chances of survival were estimated at just two percent with a weight of just six kilograms.

Although Abby and Erin have developmental delays, their devoted mother Heather Delaney, 33, was delighted to see the two graduate from kindergarten. “As we watched them graduate, we felt like we were dreaming. It’s one of those events that you think will never happen. We don’t know what they can achieve yet, so the sky is the limit for them “, she said.

At the graduation ceremony, Erin received the Dolphin Award for her “adventurous heart” and joy of discovery. Abby received the Reindeer Award for her “kind manner, treating all people gently and kindly.” “I’m so proud of them both,” Heather Delaney said. Siamese twins who are joined by their heads are known in medicine as craniocerebral twins. This is an extremely rare phenomenon.

Doctors told the Delaney family that the chance of having craniopagal twins is about 1 in 2.5 million, making them the rarest type of conjoined twins. Unfortunately, about 40 percent of these babies are stillborn, and another 33 percent die shortly after birth, often due to organ failure and other complications.

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Only 2% chance of survival: Twins who survived major surgery graduate from kindergarten
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