Woman gave birth to children and discovered they have the same names as nurses who helped her give birth

Being the first to welcome a newborn child into the world is an experience that can hardly be put into words. This is one of those rare phenomena that only those who have experienced it can understand.

The day a son or daughter is born, everything in the world seems to stand still: the center of the universe shifts, and you instinctively understand that life will never be the same.

This is what happened to Lauren Meehan, who recently gave birth to twins at Rose Medical Center in Colorado and was confronted with a strange coincidence that she only noticed shortly before the birth.

“As we were getting ready to go into labor, the medical team asked me if we had names picked out yet,” Lauren said.

“We said we liked the names Emma and Julia,” she continued. “And then the whole room burst into laughter. It turns out the two nurses who will be delivering my babies are named Emma and Julia!

“In that moment, in the midst of the chaos, we were able to stop for a moment and enjoy that moment, knowing that we had chosen the names that were meant for our children,” Lauren said.

“But we had another surprise: we found out we were having twins. Lauren added that her twins decided to come in the middle of the night.”

She explained: “I had a lot of trust in all my nurses and doctors during labor and the postpartum period. They made our experience what it was. Because of the twins, we had to be in an operating room with two teams of doctors and nurses deliver”.

As for the birth itself, Lauren said the first of her twins was born very quickly. Both babies were born healthy and happy, much to the joy of everyone present.

As for the two nurses, Lauren said she will always remember them: “These two nurses will always be special to us and the entire team that looked after us that day will hold a special place in our hearts,” says Lauren. “This will be a fun story to tell our girls!”

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Woman gave birth to children and discovered they have the same names as nurses who helped her give birth
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