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The dog was standing guard over his friend that was injured
A woman whose name is Betty Walter had done a lot for dogs that were in a danger. And one day her friend
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Cute video of John Travolta with his son’s dog who wakes him up every day
Today’s hero Travolta decided to give his son a dog and call him Peanuts. The 68-year-old actor
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The puppy finds his way directly onto his rescuer’s doorstep
What would you do if you saw that someone choose you to help him? Today’s story is about a puppy
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Owner filmed dog’s funny reaction when he first saw balloons
Today’s hero Teddy is a very curious dog. He treats everything new with caution. He likes to look
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Three strangers gave the school teacher $535
There are a lot of warm-hearted people and we will tell you about three of them. On a flight, a teacher
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“Future houses?” Unusual ecological houses that help to save nature
Grigory Fateev, who is a well-known architect, has recently created several ecological houses, which
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The founder donated $3 billion company to prevent climate change
There are a lot of kind people in this world, and we should know about them. One of them is Yvon Chouinard.
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An 11-year-old girl donated her hair to children experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy
Today’s hero is Poppy. She has always wanted to grow her long hair and donate it to children with cancer.
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Funny lion won the hearts of netizens with his unusual hairstyle
Today we will show you a very interesting lion with an unusual hairstyle that won the hearts of people.
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A kind retriever became a foster father for 25 rabbits
Agree that sometimes animals have stronger and better friendships than people. Today’
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A sweet dog that calms down when the owner hugs him
Today’s hero is an interesting dog whose name is Navo. His family lives in the Netherlands.
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A kind woman gave the cashier $ 1,000 and fulfilled his dream
Sometimes some people do such kind and good deeds that we realize that kindness still exists.